Grievance Redressal

To ensure rapid and effective redressal of public grievances, a public grievance redressal system has been developed for the Deputy Commissioner's Office, Goalpara.

The Objective of PGRS are

  1. Bridging the gap between citizens and government.
  2. Effective monitoring of grievances.
  3. Improved complaint redressal mechanism.
  4. Empowering citizens.
  5. Setting a timeline to redress grievances within the stipulated time.

For this purpose, the following mechanism has been devised

  1. 24x7 toll-free number: 1077.

  2. A dedicated mobile number with WhatsApp facility - +91 88118 08822.

  3. Emails to

  4. The oral complaints before the reception counter will also be entertained.

  5. Messages to Goalpara District Administration, Assam Facebook page.


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