Last Updated on: June 29, 2022

About Adult Education Department Goalpara

The present District Adult Education Office, Goalpara was established on 2nd October 1978. There were five Project offices, namely Dudhnoi, Balijana, Lakhipur, Srijangram & Boitamary. Besides, there was a centrally sponsored scheme launched which was known as the Rural Functional Literacy Program at Goalpara. In 1993 RFLV was abolished by the Government. On the other hand, above mentioned five project offices were merged with District Adult Education Office in the year 1999.

The aim and objective of the Adult Education Department are to accentuate education to the illiterate Adults/Non-literates under the age group 15- 45 and above. The Saakshar Bharat Mission Programme was launched all over the country to drive out illiteracy from our society during the year 2010 and the District covered in the programme.

Organizational Structure

With the aim of spreading literacy among the masses age group 15-45 and above, The Zila Lok Siksha Samiti was constituted with the Deputy Commissioner Goalpara as the Chairman and District Adult Education Officer Goalpara as the Member Secretary of Saakshar Bharat Mission (SBM) Goalpara. The Block and GP Lok Shiksha Samiti were constituted in 8 Blocks and 81 GPs in the District.